Total weight 8.25kg

What's in the box

Digital Scale
Accessories Case

The Bowl

Color Stainless steel & white
Dishwasher safe Bowl, Lid and Cap
Total capacity 4.5L
Useful capacity 3L


Time range 05s to 2h
Guarantee​ 2 years​
Colours​ Stainless steel & white​
Power​ 1,550W​
Number of speeds ​13
Number of functions ​10
Automatic programs​ Soup, pastry, slow cook, steam ​
Maximum motor rotation ​16,000 rpm
Cooking temperature​ Adjustable from 30°C to 150°C
Manual mode​ Yes
Pulse/Turbo functions​ Yes
Security lid​ Auto-lock upon starting
Repairability 10 years
Country of origin​ Proudly Designed & Made in France

Designed & Made in France


Dishwasher safe Bowl & accessories -except spindle.

All accessories


4.5L Bowl, Ultrablade Knife, Kneading Blade, Beater, Mixer, Steamer Basket, Flat Base.

Your iCompanion already comes with a standard set of 5 attachments plus a deluxe case to store the smaller accessories, a large 4.5L bowl, a digital scale, and a coordinated spatula.


Baby Bowl, External Steam Basket, two-way Rotation Whisk,
Shredder-Slicer Discs, spare 4.5L Bowl.

You can also purchase additional attachments, to reach even more
varied recipes and expand your creativity.

Blend, Chop
Baby bowl

Cook even more varied recipes without waste with bain-marie cooking and 1.4 L capacity. Comes with a chopper.

External Steam basket

Adds 2 levels of steam cooking, for healthy and delicious meals for the whole family. Cook up to 4 recipes at the same time!

This kit includes:

  • 1 stainless steel 3.7 L bowl,
  • 1 steam tray,
  • 1 drip tray,
  • 1 transparent glass lid for observation
Whisk, Whip
Two-way Rotation Whisk

Maximum whisking power for great results, from everyday baking to sophisticated patisserie (whipped cream, sponges, all types of meringue, etc).

Grate, Slice
Shredder - Slicer Attachment

Cut 5 different ways, thanks to the 3 reversible discs: Fine grating, thick grating, thin slicing, thick slicing, and zesting. Comes with a pusher to save your fingers.

Whisk, Whip

It is used for mayonnaises, whipped creams, sauces, creams and dressings (mashed potatoes, polenta...), whisking egg whites.


Mixes cooked dishes without damaging the ingredients (browned dishes, stews, risottos, ratatouilles, chutneys and pulses).

Knead, Crush
Chop, Mill
Kneading knife

Knead white & special bread dough, short crust pastry, biscuit dough, risen dough (brioche, kouglof...), light batters (cake mixture...). You can also make pancake batter, waffle batter with this accessory. It crushes nuts, chops hard products and crushes ice.

Mix, Chop
Mince, Puree
Ultrablade knife

It mixes (soups, fruit purees) and chops (vegetables, meat, fish).

Internal Steam basket

Use it to steam vegetables, fish or meat and to make soups with chunks.

Sear, Brown
Braise, Sauté
Bottom Base

It allows you to place larger pieces of meat in the bowl and brown them.

Spare 4.5L Bowl

Extra 4.5L bowl to make preparation easier! Saves time and increases your culinary options without needing to wash up in between. This stainless steel bowl includes the removable spindle.